Australian paedophile escapes without punishment

(Channel 9)
(Channel 9)

A convicted paedophile in Australia has walked free after molesting a nine-year-old girl.

Peter Andrews, 64, used video games and a playful dog to lure the girl to his house where the abuse took place.

Andrews was found guilty of indecent treatment of a child, however was given a suspended sentence after telling the court he has terminal cancer.

A video released to 9 News shows the Andrews's wife confronting the grandmother of the victim who she accuses of being a bad influence on the girl.

"Because you're negligent parents, her parents didn't care. That's why she used to come over and stay," she said.

"She's a slut at [nine years old] sleeping around, did she learn that off you?"

The grandparents, who wished to remain anonymous, told 9 News they are disgusted by the release.

"[Its] absolutely unbelievable that [you can] blame a child [for coercing] a grown man into sexually abusing her," the victim's grandfather said.

Andrews, who the victim's grandmother describes as an "animal", is free to roam the streets of the Gold Coast. It's angered the girl's family who have since distributed pamphlets warning other young families of the paedophile living in their area.