Australian proud to become mum at 61

(ABC/ 7.30)
(ABC/ 7.30)

A Melbourne woman who was 61 when she gave birth to her daughter doesn't understand why she's being demonised.

Shammi Pal's daughter Angel is now seven months old, and she was conceived by a donor egg and sperm in India.

She says at times she feared her child would be taken off her, due to the negative reactions she's received including from staff at Melbourne's Mercy Hospital where she gave birth.

Ms Pal is dismayed at how she's been treated in Australia for being an older mother, and says that in India she'd be praised.

"To be honest, if I was one of the oldest mothers, say, for example in a country like India, I would have been given a bravery award," she told ABC's 7.30 programme.

"But here I've been condemned and looked at as the biggest mistake I have ever done. What have I done to deserve this? I've only become a mum."

Ms Pal and her husband Lucas Arora met in their late 40s, and tried IVF programmes in Australia but Ms Pal reached the cut-off age of 52, so they went to India.

She doesn't think it's unfair to their daughter to have older parents.

"Absolutely not. I think we are going to be the greatest parents and perhaps the best parents because we have got a miracle baby, don't forget that."

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