Australian student suspended after 'grossly offensive' Facebook post


A Sydney university student has been suspended after a making misogynistic Facebook post offering to help men get rid of women after sleeping with them.

Images of the post have now been leaked to media.

The post was made to a St Paul's College Facebook group in March, and offered "cockblock" services for male students to "get rid of" women from their rooms.

It offered help for men to deal with women who "won't leave your room after a root in the morning" or "if you've harpooned a whale and she's taking the whole bed preventing all chances of sleep", according to a screenshot supplied to

Students were asked to message the person a code word which would lead to "immediate assistance and her immediate exit" with a "well thought out lie (terrifying lump on penis, broken foot or personal emergency)".

The student has been warned that repeat behaviour will lead to them being expelled.


In a statement, college ward Dr Ivan Head called the comments "disgraceful".

"The attitudes expressed by the individual on Facebook were grossly offensive and completely contrary to the values of respect and integrity we expect from students at St Paul's College."

The post got nearly 100 likes before it was removed.

Women's group officer at the university, Katie Thorburn, said she was disgusted at the post.

"This is not a one-off incident from St. Paul's. It's part of a legacy of degrading women. I'm not just concerned that one man commented this, but that 100 St Paul's boys liked and laughed along."