Australian TV host's trainwreck Queen announcement

An Australian TV host made an embarrassing on-air error after accidentally announcing the Queen was retiring.

The gaffe came as speculation grew about an important breaking message from the Royal Family.

After hours of speculation, A Current Affair's host Tracy Grimshaw blew the big moment by delivering the wrong news.

As eager viewers waited the proclamation, a wide-eyed Ms Grimshaw butchered the climax by saying she's received "confirmation" that Queen Elizabeth II was stepping down from public duty.

"Ok Michael I am hearing that there is a Royal announcement," she told the reporter during a live cross, while furiously blinking and staring around the room.

"There has been an announcement that the Queen is stepping down from public life and that is very significant."

"Uhhhhhhh?" the reporter said.

"Somebody's in my ear. Have we got confirmation of that or is that speculation?" Ms Grimshaw said, pausing for a moment before telling viewers with conviction: "We've got confirmation".

"I think it's Prince Philip," the reporter tried to interject - but it was useless.

"We have confirmation of a statement from the palace," Ms Grimshaw doubled down.

Then she realized her error, and stared around wildly.

"Prince Philip is stepping down from public life?" she exclaimed.

"Yes, I'm just reading that now. There are reports here, I understand that Prince Philip is stepping down from Royal duties," the reporter informed her.

The Royal Family then announced that it was, in fact, Prince Philip that was stepping down.