Australian woman accused of pinching flowers from graves on Mother's Day

An Australian woman has been snapped on camera after allegedly stealing flowers from a cemetery on Mother's Day.

She was walking away from Salisbury Memorial Park, in Adelaide, on Sunday (local time) when she was confronted by passerby Andy Johnson.

As he followed her down the street, Mr Johnson accused the unnamed woman of pinching the flowers she was carrying from the cemetery.

He said she had nothing in her hands when she entered the cemetery before exiting with the flowers.

The woman denied the accusations, saying she had purchased them from a nearby train station.

"You realise you're stealing flowers that people have taken for their mums?" Mr Johnson can be heard telling the woman in the video.

"People have sat them there for their mothers that have passed away and you're stealing them.

"I can't believe that. That's sickening. I actually almost vomited when I saw."

When Mr Johnson asked for proof the woman had bought the flowers, she refused, telling him: "I don't owe you anything."

A South Australian Police spokesperson told the Daily Mail no report or complaint had been made in relation to the incident.

The woman declined to comment when contacted by the outlet.