Body-shaming Playboy model Dani Mathers sentenced

A Playboy bunny who filmed a naked elderly woman getting changed at the gym before posting it to social media has been sentenced to 30 days' graffiti removal and three years' probation for the offence.

Dani Mathers, Playboy's 2015 Playmate of the Year, published a photo of a naked 71-year-old woman in a gym changing room on Snapchat, along with the caption: "If I can't unsee this then you can't either".

She says the photo was meant for a friend, but she instead posted it to her thousands of followers in September last year - and was immediately blasted for body-shaming and breaching privacy laws.

Mathers was charged with a misdemeanour count of invasion of privacy.

The model's lawyer last week attempted to get the case thrown out on the grounds that the downfall of Mathers' modelling and radio-broadcasting career was punishment enough.

However the judge disagreed, and in a court case on Wednesday (local time), sentenced her to 36 months' probation and either 45 days in prison or 30 days' graffiti removal. Mathers opted for the latter.

She has also been banned from attending the LA Fitness gym where she filmed the video, and barred from being any closer than 100 yards (91.44 metres) from her victim, and must pay US$60 (NZ$85) in restitution.

She has also been banned from having a cellphone on her "in any place where persons are in a state of undress or have an expectation of privacy".

Mathers is said to be "very relieved" that the case is over, according to lawyer Tom Mesereau - and has offered to make amends by using her fame to bring attention to the issue of body-shaming.