British celebrate perfect queue at Ed Sheeran concert

(Andrew Last/ Reddit)
(Andrew Last/ Reddit)

A photo of hundreds of concert-goers forming a tidy queue at an Ed Sheeran concert in London with no barriers is being celebrated online.

It was posted by impressed Reddit user Andrew Last, who told The Evening Standard "People were obeying the invisible lines perfectly for the couple of minutes I was watching before I snapped the picture."

They formed a snaking line at the O2 Arena, and Mr Last says once the venue opened its doors, people shuffled inside in an organised fashion.

Since being posted to Reddit, a number of users have joked about British people's skill at forming queues.

British celebrate perfect queue at Ed Sheeran concert

Reddit user Mespegg said travelling gave her a new appreciation for British queueing.

"Being British, and rarely travelling alone, I had never really noticed how other countries aren't that fond of queueing until this year."

At a stopover in Frankfurt Airport they saw there were five different lines to board a plane.

"I literally didn't know what to do, so I just stood quietly to the side and waited for it to die down. After about five minutes there were about 10 other people behind me, all looking over in a mixture of confusion and disgust.

Turns out I'm so British I had started a queue of other British people without realising."

"When a Brit stands still, they form a queue of one," Sola Nova said.

"This is why Obama made a terrible mistake when he came out publically and said that the UK would be at the back of the queue for a trade deal if we left the EU," Sola Nova said.

"We live for being at the back of the queue. Nothing like standing in the back of the queue complaining about the queue."