Broadcaster finds out network closing down live on-air

Video has emerged of the moment an Israeli newsreader found out her news network was being shut down, that night.

Channel 1's Geula Even's was live on-air on Wednesday when the news came through.

"We are now getting breaking news, a statement [from] parliament," she said. "Tonight will be our last news programme."

Ms Even tried to hold back tears as the news begins to sink in.

"This is our last edition. So the rest of this programme is irrelevant."

According to The Times of Israel, the network was abruptly shut down to make way for a new state-run entity, which will replace the 49-year-old Israel Broadcasting Authority TV station.

The announcement came two hours before the end of the broadcast, which lead to some journalists questioning the decision while they were still live.

"What is this notice, two hours in advance?" journalist Yaakov Ahimeir said on-air. "What are we, criminals"

The broadcast ended with the entire team - journalists, camera operators, directors and staff - singing the Israeli national anthem as the final break of the programme ended.