Bullies won't leave autistic Melbourne teen alone

  • 29/05/2017

An autistic teenager who was bashed on a bus in Melbourne's west has allegedly been targeted again by the same gang.

It's alleged the group tried to steal Jayden D'Abaco's sneakers and phone, and then chased his mother when she came to help.

It's claimed the gang picked their moment to attack the 17-year-old, as they stood up to leave the bus.

Sadly, it's not the first time the autistic teen has been targeted. He told 7 News he "gets bullied all the time" and was concussed in an attack by the same group less than two months ago.

He said he recognised one of the attackers from his old school.

He told 7 News he was frozen with fear after the attack. He had spotted his older brother and his fiancée in a car beside the bus, but was unable to get their attention to help him.

When Jayden's mother picked him up at Tarneit Station, she was advised by a triple-0 (Australia's equivalent of 111) operator to drive to the local McDonald's restaurant.

The terror allegedly continued when they were spotted by the gang there and chased out of the car park. Jayden's mum took a photo as they fled the scene in fear.

One teen has since been charged with assault and attempted robbery over the vicious alleged attack.

Jayden's already fragile self-confidence has been shattered.

"I'm scared to leave my front door. I'm scared to walk the streets and I just, I want that freedom," he told 7 News.

His family's car was also recently smashed up right outside their house. The family's not sure if the same group was responsible.

They say they are considering packing up and leaving to avoid the constant harassment.

7 News / Newshub.