CCTV captures woman's attempted kidnapping of stranger's baby

A woman in the UK has been captured trying to sneak off with a toddler perched in a trolley at a supermarket while his mother was at the checkout.

CCTV footage of the incident was released by police from Bexleyheath, a suburb southeast of London, and is from April 23 - but has only come to light now because they're still looking for the suspect.

In the video, the suspect can be seen coming up behind the mother and her toddler at the checkout, and is immediately noticed - but that doesn't appear to deter her.

After standing at the back of the trolley for a while - with the mother continuing to place her groceries on the checkout counter - she then goes to pick the young boy up and carry him away.

That unsurprisingly causes the mother to become agitated, and she can be seen chasing after the woman and grabbing her child from her, before placing him back in the trolley he was taken out of.

The woman can then be seen walking off very casually, taking her time as she wanders out of the supermarket - seemingly unaware of the strange and likely criminal act she had just committed.

Police say the woman is of Asian descent and is estimated to be about 65 years old.