Chef pulls US restaurant worker to the ground by her ponytail over burnt kids meal

Ponytail pull US chef

A United States chef has been charged with assault after he violently pulled a worker's ponytail, allegedly over some burnt chicken nuggets.

CCTV video of the ferocious April encounter between 68-year-old Jiguang Yang and Red Bowl Asian Bistro employee Cristina Surina has been posted online and shows the moment he pulls her toward the ground from behind.

Yang is the father of the South Carolina restaurant's owner, says the Richland County Sheriff's Department.

Much of what happens after the ponytali pull takes place off camera, but there is a struggle while Ms Surina holds a tomato sauce bottle.

Ms Surina says the incident happened over a kids' meal she thought had been poorly prepared.

"I didn't feel like I should take out a child burnt chicken nuggets and fried shrimp. I asked the owner. He was in the kitchen at that time to remake it," she told local news outlet WISTV.

"I turned around to start pouring ketchup for the kids' meal and when I was pouring ketchup, his dad came behind me and snatched my head down and I don't know what happened after that."

Yang has only just been charged over the April 19 attack and faces a charge of assault and battery.


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