Child beats seven percent survival chance

(7 News)
(7 News)

A girl weighing just 900 grams with a 1.2kg tumour and born 23 weeks premature has survived the odds to live on.

Aleyathiah Spears was born after her mother went through more than 108 hours of labour in 2010.

"Labour was the most horrible thing. I was on bed rest not able to move - only for a shower," Ms Spears told the Daily Mail Australia.

"All I wanted to do is keep her inside me as long as possible when my water broke. When they could not stop it I was put under a general anesthetic to have her via C section."

After she gave birth she was told of her daughter's low expected survival rate of just seven percent but little Aleyathiah fought through.

Aleyathiah with her mother (7 News)
Aleyathiah with her mother (7 News)

More than seven years still has some disabilities and severe digestion issues and a cyst on her brain and her family has started a GoFundMe page to help with her on-going medical expenses.

"The funds that are raised are to go towards her toileting assistance and medical costs, travel, special appointments, testing, equipment that is going to make her day to day living easier on her."

So far the page has raised more than NZ$8000 of their $21,000 goal.