Chinese groom arrested for inviting fake wedding guests

A groom in China has been arrested under suspicion of inviting hired actors as guests to his own wedding.

Video footage from local media shows distressed guests and members of the wedding party outside the venue.

The bride's family grew suspicious when they had conversations with people claiming to know the groom, all of whom said they were "just friends", the BBC reported.  None of them made it clear how they actually knew him. The ceremony begun without any trace of the groom's parents, and he was busted.

Regional television news station Shaanxi TV interviewed the 'guests', who claimed the groom paid them 80 yuan ($17NZD) to pose as his family and friends. Most were in fact taxi drivers or students. Others the groom found on Chinese social media platform WeChat, and negotiated a price to attend.

Local media reported that the wife's family did not agree to the marriage because he was poor, so he stopped his entire side from coming so as not to shame them.

Strangely, despite the couple being together for three years, the bride didn't initially notice anything was wrong. She claims they had different circles of friends.

 The investigation is still ongoing.