Chinese stunned by bizarre pedestrian speed bumps

Chinese tourists struggle to keep their footing.
Chinese tourists struggle to keep their footing. (People's Daily China)

China has a plan to force pedestrians to slow down and enjoy life.

In a bizarre new measure, authorities in the ancient Taierzhuang water town in Zaozhuang, Shandong province, have installed nearly 100 speed bumps across a tourist attraction's entrance.

They were concerned too many people were walking past without appreciating the historic site's beauty.

Photos shared to social media by Chinese news site the People's Daily show a long line of black and yellow bumps stretching for 100 metres.

"A bit overconcerned? Speed bumps seen in a short range of pedestrian walks at a scenic spot in east China stunned many Chinese netizens," the caption reads.

But the pedestrian calming measure may have had the opposite effect to that intended.

Images show people forced to watch their footing to avoid an accident - instead of looking around and admiring the view.