Cops take selfie with drunk Australian after putting him to bed

It was a night an Australian man would have otherwise forgotten in his drunken stupor, but two cops helped him remember by taking a selfie with him after escorting him to bed.

The photo of the two Tasmanian officers and the man, Reece Park, was posted to Facebook. A screenshot of it was subsequently circulated on Reddit, where it was widely viewed.

Reece Park and Tasmania Police constables Natalie Siggins and Jeremy Blyth (Supplied)
Reece only found the photo after looking through his phone (Supplied)

In the image, Reece lies in bed giving the shaka brah sign while two smiling officers used his phone to capture the moment on Saturday night (local time).

The officers waited until a friend got home to make sure Reece wasn't alone.

"So was just looking through my phone and turns out these good c**** took some banger selfies after they took my ass home! Bloody legends (beer emoji)," Reece wrote.

The taxi door-to-bedroom door service was used by police who reminded people to make sure they planned how to get home after a night out.

Constable Jeremy Blyth told Channel 7's Sunrise programme he and partner Constable Natalie Siggins were called to a taxi after Reece became "a little bit unresponsive".

"[He] didn't know where he lived, he wasn't saying much so we tried to locate where he was and we were lucky enough to figure out his address," he said.

"Thank God," Reece, who was interviewed next to the officers, replied.

Const Blyth didn't think they were going "above and beyond" any more than his fellow officers.

"I don't think what we did was anything special. I think every member of the Tassie police goes above and beyond, so in our eyes we're just doing what we can," he said.

Asked if his experience had put him off drinking, Reece replied: "Dunno, I'll soon find out... definitely not to that extent".



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