Don't do it, Bambi: Deer cuddles up to hunters in US

The classic Disney film Bambi has one very important lesson for baby deer: stay away from hunters.

But because it's a movie for humans, not wild animals, one little deer got surprisingly close to a group of hunters in central Indiana.

The unusual interaction was filmed by one of the hunters, Corey Cook.

It shows the young deer getting closer and closer to a group of hunters hidden in the undergrowth, walking right up to their firearms.

At one point, the fearless animal licks the barrel of the shotgun, before allowing one of the hunters to stroke its neck.

Fellow hunter Leon Champine said it was "enough to melt the most hardened heart".

He told Fox 59 News the deer was young, and believed it was its first season without its mother around to know what's dangerous.

Luckily for the deer, it was never going to end up like Bambi - the hunters were actually out to bag some turkey.