Donald Trump blamed for climate chat grinding to halt

The G7 summit has failed to reach an agreement on climate change and the other six leaders blame Donald Trump.

But the US president hasn't shut the door completely. He later tweeted he'd wait until next week to decide if he would back the 195-nation agreement.

Mr Trump's expression as he arrived last for the official G7 photo was consistent with his general expression all summit.

It wasn't until his final Sicilian stop, a rally with troops at a US air base, that he perked up markedly.

He was back in his comfort zone, preaching to the converted about his first foreign jaunt.

But in Taormina, for the final throes of the G7, Mr Trump isolated himself, and the US, from the world's other wealthiest countries, refusing continued commitment to the Paris climate change deal.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it was "very difficult, very unsatisfactory to have a whole discussion about climate change, with six G7 leaders against one".

It's also been an odd trip full of odd moments.

Mr Trump barged past Montenegro's leader for prime photo real estate at NATO, while France's new President Emmanuel Macron snubbed Mr Trump's embrace - the vigorous, vigorous handshake.

It was typical Trump - big on bluster, light on nuanced diplomacy.

And just like that, his first foreign trip is over.