Donald Trump: Israel, Palestine leaders get on 'unbelievably well'

US President Donald Trump has claimed that despite a vitriolic, religiously motivated war raging between Israel and Palestine spanning nearly 70 years, officials of the two countries "work together beautifully".

Speaking at a news conference alongside Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Mr Trump applauded the Palestinian Authority's "continued security coordination" with Israel.

"They get along unbelievably well," President Trump said.

"I had meetings, and at these meetings I was very impressed and somewhat surprised by how well they get along. They work together - beautifully."

President Trump's remarks fly in the face of the substantial and complex problems the two countries have had with each other, as well as blame and insults hurled between the countries' top leaders in recent years.

The comments come as key members of the Trump administration meet with Palestinian officals in an effort to strike a deal that will restore peace in the region.

The agreement centres on the hotly contested Gaza Strip and West Bank, where there is speculation over whether a two-state or one-state solution would be preferred, and whether either option could be agreed upon between the rival nations.

Negotiations in April 2014 stalled as Israel and Palestine failed to reach an agreement on a number of issues central to the conflict, but President Abbas is reportedly hopeful that Mr Trump's appointment may give negotiations a fresh boost.