Dying Pikachu brutally dragged offstage for deflating performance

A dying Pikachu has been brutally dragged offstage for failing to perform.

The incident happened at the Pokémon World Festival 2017 in Songdo, South Korea.

Video shows a group of 15 Pikachus smiling and waving as they begin to dance to 'You Can't Stop the Beat'.

However things go horribly wrong, and the lead Pikachu begins to deflate.

As its head starts to sag and cave in, men in suits rush in, seize the offending creature, and drag it offstage.

While the other Pikachus dance in fear, the deflated Pikachu attempts to escape its captors and re-join its friends.

But security staff grab it and herd it away.

It is not known whether the deflated Pikachu was punished.