Elderly neighbour crashes rowdy party, gets thrown in pool

The shocking moment a senior citizen gets body-slammed and thrown into a swimming pool after confronting her partying neighbours has been caught on camera. 

The footage, captured by one of the party-goers, appears to have been filmed in the US.

It shows the woman entering the party with her two dogs to speak to the host - presumably in an effort to get them to turn their music down.

As she approaches the group, she begins to be taunted and laughed at, with a female heard yelling "Throw her in!" - and moments later, a male runs up from off camera and picks her up to do just that.

However, he slips while picking her up and the pair both fall over - the impact causing the woman's head to bang sickeningly against the ground and nearly crushing one of her two dogs as the other ran away in fear.

The male then got up straight away, again lifting the woman and dragging her forcefully towards the pool before dropping her in and jumping in after her.

The woman's remaining dog was able to get away at the last moment to escape falling into the pool too - but the woman was drenched, and those at the party erupted in laughter and shock at the sequence of events that had unfolded.

Total pandemonium ensued as the party-goers fled the scene, presumably in fear of getting in trouble.

The incident is believed to have taken place on Saturday (local time), but it isn't known whether police got involved.