Ex-homeless Aussie bloke wins big on scratchie

A Perth man who spent months living on the street as a teenager has had a sudden change of fortunes, winning AU$200,000 (NZ$213,000) on a scratchie.

He and his fiancée's excitement was caught on a Perth dairy's CCTV cameras this week.

The 20-year-old, who only had a "a bag of clothes and a skateboard" to his name when he ran away from home five years ago, had been saving hard for his wedding - but now no longer needs to, reports The West Australian.

He and his fiancée are now able to pay for their big day - and the man, who asked to remain nameless, will still have enough money to fund the study required to get his dream job on Perth's mines.

The couple said they were "non-stop crying" at their win, and said the first thing they bought was a vacuum cleaner.

"It's funny, that was the first thing she wanted," the chef said.

But now it's their wedding they can look forward to - a ceremony they recently decided to postpone from its original September date after realising they didn't have enough money to fund it.

The man said he would also buy a Ford Mustang for his mother, because "she's really been doing it hard" and been having trouble with her car.