Florida teen sent flying in hit and run

Warning: This video contains images which may be disturbing for some people.

Police in the US are looking for a driver involved in a shocking hit and run in Florida.

The driver sped through a stop sign, turning left onto a road before losing control, fishtailing as it left the road.

It was caught on a security camera ploughing into cars as it sped up a footpath, before hitting a teenager on his bike and sending him flying.

The teen, identified as 14-year-old Johnny Walsh Jr, had tried to get off his bike and escape when he saw the car coming towards him.

"I had my eyes closed and I opened them and then I seen the tire right in front of me. I thanked the Lord when I got up," he told Fox 13 News.

The driver didn't appear to break and sped away, but remarkably, Johnny survived with just bumps and bruises.

The whole crash was caught on security cameras attached to a home, and neighbour Jacki Lilly told local media the video made her feel "sick to [her] stomach".

"I watched it quite a few times initially and then as the shock of what happened wore off, it just was so disturbing. I can't watch the video anymore."

The Florida Highway Patrol are now trying to track down the vehicle and the driver.