French President Emmanuel Macron slams Russian media at Putin meeting

  • 30/05/2017

French President Emmanuel Macron has torn into Russian media, after a frank exchange with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

It's the first time the two leaders have met face to face. The pair aired their disagreements on a number of subjects.

Speaking at a joint press conference afterwards Mr Macron slammed Russian media for election meddling.

"When press outlets spread defamatory untruths they're no longer journalists. Russia Today and Sputnik were organs of influence during my campaign producing untruths about me. I will not give an inch on this. They behaved as organs of influence, of lying propaganda."

Mr Putin denied allegations that Moscow meddled in the French elections.

Also in the press conference, Mr Macron said the use of chemical weapons in Syria is a red line for France, and would result in reprisals.

"Any use of chemical weapons would results in reprisals and an immediate riposte, at least where France is concerned."

He added that his aim was the fight against terrorism in the country and he wanted to work with Mr Putin to that end.

The two countries back different sides in the Syrian conflict, with Mr Putin behind President Bashar al-Assad and Mr Macron part of a western coalition that supports rebel groups and has accused Assad of using chemical weapons in the past.

Mr Macron has been showing his mettle amongst world leaders recently. At the G7 conference, he dominated a handshake with US President Donald Trump, who is known for his vigorous handshakes.

Reuters / Newshub.