Gable Tostee says he's had a 'pretty smooth run' on Tinder


The man acquitted of murdering Kiwi woman Warriena Wright claims "on the whole" he had a "pretty smooth run" on Tinder.

The dating site is where Tostee, who now goes by Eric Thomas, met the 26-year-old New Zealand tourist who fell from his 14th floor Gold Coast apartment in 2014.

Mt Tostee was found not guilty of her murder last October after a high-profile court trial.

On Wednesday he took to Facebook, claiming threats made against him weren't being taken seriously because he's a man.

He then commented on the post to defend himself from internet trolls, saying: "When you add up the numbers I actually had a pretty smooth run on the whole with Tinder", with a laughing emoji.

"But then again they say when there hasn't been an earthquake for a while you're in for an extra big one."

It's not the first time the former murder-accused has made inflammatory remarks on Facebook.

Last month the former murder-accused replied to a comment, saying "the only thing I murder is pussy".