Guiness World Records takes look at super-long cat, Omar

  • 18/05/2017

A feline that quickly ascended the ranks of the internet thanks to its otherworldly growth spurt has attracted the attention of Guiness World Records, who will test whether it is the longest domestic cat ever.

Omar's unofficial length is 120cm - 2cm longer than the official Guiness World Record holder, an 118cm Maine Coon from Yorkshire in the UK - and the record books may soon reflect that.

The owner of Omar - Stephy Hirst from Melbourne, Australia - said the cat was the same size as all the other kittens in his litter, but when he grew, he did it quickly and wouldn't stop.

Ms Hirst says she feeds him a mixture of dry cat food and human-grade kangaroo - the only meat it will eat without kicking up a fuss. Like most cats, he spends most of his time napping and playing outside.

At such an ample size - and weight, at 14kg - Omar has drawn plenty of attention, and just a fortnight after he received his own Instagram account, he already has more than 22,000 followers.

The cat became a viral sensation after a photo of the giant feline was shared on the Cats of Instagram account, where it received more than 270,000 likes.

Speaking to the BBC, Ms Hirst said Omar "hasn't really been coping with all the attention", and "had a little bit of a meltdown" on Wednesday morning as a result.

Guiness World Records representatives are now looking into whether Omar can claim the crown of longest domestic cat, but it may take up to 12 weeks until Ms Hirst gets a response.