High school bully body-slammed, KOed by victim

A US high school fight caught on camera has shown the moment a boy picked on by a bully snapped and knocked him out with a body-slam.

The video, which received more than 100,000 views before it was pulled from YouTube, shows a teenager being confronted by another boy as he walks down his school's corridor.

The bully, who is much larger than him, can be heard saying "I know you were saying sh*t on Snapchat" - a claim the teen doesn't pay much mind to, and continues walking.

However it's clear the teen who spoke is incensed, and as people start to gather round, he steps in front of him and swings his fist into the victim's face.

The boy immediately defends himself, warding off a series of follow-up punches before picking the bully up, swinging him over his head and delivering a swift blow to the side of his head.

The bully appears to be knocked out, prompting the victim to yell "out f**king cold!" in a burst of post-fight adrenaline.

It is not known exactly where the fight took place, nor whether the bully sustained any serious injury.