Japanese cop catches robber after slow-speed pursuit

  • 26/05/2017

A jewellery store robber and a policeman have engaged in a comically slow foot chase in Sapporo, Japan.

The robber, who was allegedly armed when he was attempting to steal the store's goods, was stopped by the officer, and chased out of the store onto the street.

But footage of the chase shows the robber only needed to run at a light canter to avoid arrest.

"These two guys were sprinting really fast," a witness said, though the video shows otherwise.

"They ran right across the intersection even though the light was red."

Eventually the policeman is able to bring the robber to a stop in an underground train station, before clambering on top of him and yelling "Suspect in custody!" into his radio.

While the chase was laughably sluggish, the officer had been pursuing the robber for five minutes before the recording began - which perhaps explains why they seemed to be running in slow motion.

Police have since issued a statement saying the suspect was "quickly" apprehended.