Kung fu master breaks record towing helicopter with penis

A Chinese martial artist has broken a world record and likely his penis by towing an entire military helicopter using just his reproductive organs.

Ye Hongwei, a kung fu master, has gained fame for pulling large objects with his genitals - but his latest stunt has earned him even greater notoriety in China and throughout the world.

While Mr Ye became an internet sensation after dragging seven cars using just his penis earlier this year, the helicopter milestone has blown that out of the water - and it's also seen him clinch a world record.

Footage shows Mr Ye struggling to pull the helicopter at first, groaning loudly as he tries to establish some rolling momentum - and while it takes him some time, he eventually gets the massive vehicle rolling.

After that, there's no stopping him - Mr Ye surpassing his intended drag distance of eight metres and mustering a hugely impressive - and eye-watering - 10-metre pull.

World Record Academy officials in attendance certified that he had indeed established a new record for the heaviest pull using genitalia - beating his previous effort in which he pulled seven cars weighing a combined 12.6 tonnes.

Mr Ye has not commented on the pain he feels when he carries out his dragging attempts, nor on how he started - but despite the irreparable damage Mr Ye undoubtedly does to his privates, he doesn't plan on stopping any time soon.

"I will continue practicing so I can break new records in the future," he said.


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