Let me in: Bear seeking brownies bangs on woman's door

(Bob Belfiore / Supplied)
(Bob Belfiore / Supplied)

The smell of an elderly Connecticut woman's baking was so alluring it attracted a nosy and hungry bear right up to her kitchen door.

Residents of Avon called police after the animal tried to get into the home at the weekend where the woman was baking brownies, local TV news station WFSB reports.

The black bear wouldn't leave the house, at one point standing on the railing of the deck, its paws on the glass sliding door.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) was called to the scene.

Neighbour Bob Belfiore rushed to the woman's house to try and shoo the bear away. He called 911 and told the dispatcher the bear "wasn't afraid of noise, screaming or yelling or pounding".

"Though it looks cute on the railing, this bear was angry about not being able to get at the food," Mr Belfiore said told WFSB.

He said the bear left the kitchen area and went to another set of doors off the deck. Having been unsuccessful getting in that way, the bear tried a third set of doors which led into the living room.

By the time local police arrived, the bear had already left the house.

A police spokesman said there had been no more reports of the bear in the area.

Avon Police lieutenant Kelly Walsh says police get calls about bears entering peoples' properties "almost daily".