Live cat arcade game draws disgust

A recent video posted to Chinese social media shows three live cats inside an arcade game.

Located in an unknown location in China, the machine allows people to try to pick up and drop the cats, however the user in the video is unsuccessful at doing so.

A person can be heard saying "[The cat] is too fat" as someone tries to grab a cat using the machine-operated claw.

The claw grabs a white cat's neck, but fails to pick it up.

The cat looks scared and hunches over, then looks up at the claw as it moves away.

A sticker can be seen on the machine that reads: "Master, bring me home."

Social media users have responded to the video wanting to have a turn, while others say the cats are clearly afraid and disturbed.

"Look at the cat's shocked face, how cute," said user Songhua107s.

"The sharp claw will hurt the cats! I am scared," said Auztheplanet.

"The cats were scared!" fantassyso said.

Some user criticised the machine as cruel, and called it animal abuse

It's unclear who is behind the set-up of the arcade machine, and why they did it.