Man filmed giving racist rant at airport

  • 21/05/2017

A man has been filmed going on an expletive-filled rant at a Hispanic man for speaking to his mother on the phone in Spanish - whilst at an airport.

Despite being in a place where the world's cultures come together, the wheelchair-bound man - referred to only as 'Mike' - was caught on camera shouting "it's a crime" to speak any language other than English in the United States.

The Hispanic man calmly asked Mike what his problem was, saying: "I was speaking to my mother in Spanish because that's her language."

Mike replies: "They don't even know how to f****** speak English in America.

"Real f****** piece of s***, you can kiss my mother's a***."

He sticks his middle finger up before rolling away, continuing his vulgar rant.

He continues: "You are a f****** piece of s***, you f****** spick, talking that f****** stupid Spanish around here when everyone else is an English-speaking American."

The location of the airport is unconfirmed, although some news outlets are presuming it maybe Nevada due to the recognisable slot machines in the background. 

The rant is eventually stopped by a security guard, and Mike tells him: "This guy is harassing me and he won't leave me alone, he's recording me and laughing at me."