Man not told about son's murder crashes press conference

A Mississippi police department has plenty of explaining to do after they held a news conference about a boy that'd been kidnapped and murdered before notifying his father.

Six-year-old Kingston Frazier was abducted while his mother bought groceries in the early hours of Thursday morning (local time), and he was later found in the back of a car, with a single, fatal bullet wound to his head.

Three teenagers have now been arrested and charged with Kingston's murder - a development the Hinds County Sheriff's Department notified media about at a press conference later that day.

But they allegedly did it without notifying the boy's anxious father, who crashed a media conference partway through in visible anguish.

Cellphone footage filmed by 16 WAPT News shows the boy's father getting out of a car and immediately requesting information on his child.

"That's my son, man!" he can be heard saying, as media turn to look at him.

"Ain't nobody tell me nothin'. I've been waiting for nine hours and I ain't heard anything. I ain't heard sh** about my son all day!"

As the officer running the press conference walks towards him, the father starts speaking directly to him.

"Man, I know he ain't right. If there's something wrong let me know right now," he says.

The officer then says something to him inaudibly and the father, unable to control his emotions, turns away and yells back to the other occupants of the car he arrived in.

"My son's dead, man! Why they kill my son, man?" he says, his voice filled with sadness.

Later on, the father can be seen explaining that his son has died to someone on the phone, at one point screaming out in his grief as another woman sobs.

There has not yet been any explanation as to why police did not tell him that Kingston had died before telling the press.