Man's dying wish for Australian Lego kit could become reality

An Australian man dying of cancer found one of the best ways to deal with the pain was to play with Lego with his young son. Now they've created a legacy.

While playing with his son Adrien, Damien MacRae realised there weren't any pieces which could be used to make a beach.

He ended up designing a new set themed around surf rescue and aims to help kids and parents to talk about how important it is to be "sun smart".

All the figures are wearing hats and sunblock, with others also wearing sunglasses, while the characters are named after Australian celebrities who beat skin cancer including Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.

After his campaign caught the idea of local media, it ticked over its goal over 10,000 supporters - meaning Lego would officially look into whether it could be created.

At the time, he was given six to 10 weeks to live - and just four days later, his campaign ticked over its goal of 10,000 supporters.

Lego's now considering whether to create the set, which if successful, could be on the shelves in several months.

On its Ideas page, Lego said the idea was "fantastic".

"The entire Lego Ideas team is honoured you and Aiden have chosen to express your important message about surf and sun safety through Lego bricks," it said.

"Our warmest thoughts go out to you, your family, and friends. You and your son’s tribute and message have reached tens of thousands worldwide. We celebrate this accomplishment with you and your family."

Mr MacRae has since encouraged people to start donating to organisations such as the Cancer Council and local surf livesaving organisations.

He told BBC News on Friday (local time) Adrien is now the happiest he's seen him in a long time.

"Getting to 10,000 votes was my goal, and the possibility that I could leave a legacy for Aiden," he said.

"To know that he can take ideas that he's come up with, on the bedroom floor, and take it out to the world."