Manchester man shouts down 'racist' anti-Islam protesters

A far-right protest group in Britain has jumped on the Ariana Grande concert terror attack to gather support for its cause - but one man stood up to them, saying they didn't represent the city's views.

The English Defence League protested in force outside Manchester's Arndale Mall in the wake of the attack on Monday night (local time) - using the explosion that killed 22 people to promote its anti-Muslim ideology.

The group, who were carrying English flags and shouting Islamophobic slurs, clashed with police outside the shopping centre, which was evacuated last night following another terrorism scare.

Footage from the group's protest shows one man emerging to the side of the group and shouting at them, telling them "the people of Manchester don't stand with your xenophobia and racism".

"The people of Manchester are going to stick together, no matter what religion you follow, no matter what the colour of the skin is. We're not going to stand with people like you," he shouted.

"We're going to stick together, because together we are stronger and the people of Manchester are not going to be afraid of who is responsible for this violence."

In the clip of the confrontation, the people around him can be seen clapping and nodding as he speaks against the English Defence League.

Messages of solidarity have poured in following the concert attack, which also left dozens injured.