Melania Trump appears to reject Donald's hand-hold, again

Just 24 hours after US President Donald Trump offered his hand to First Lady Melania on the tarmac and was brutally rejected, he's bravely tried it again - with what appears to be the exact same result.

A video of the pair went viral yesterday after Melania appeared to swat her husband's hand away upon exiting Air Force One and being greeted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara.

She didn't seem to be too worried about how the incident would be perceived by the dignitaries, ministers and cameras surrounding the plane then - and she looks to have continued that trend at the start of Mr Trump's latest international visit to Italy.

In the new clip, both Mr Trump and Melania can be seen emerging from the plane and giving those gathered at Rome's Fiumicino Airport a lengthy wave.

But as they begin to walk down the stairs, Mr Trump appears to reach out for his wife's hand - and upon feeling the touch, she brings her own up to her face and away from her husband's, rebuffing his affectionate gesture.

While the latest airport hand-hold incident is a far less obvious rejection than the one in Israel on Monday, it is intriguing that there have been two such moments so close together.

The new clip is sure to add fuel to suggestions the two share an unhappy marriage, with a clip going viral after Mr Trump's inauguration in which Melania appears to fire a frosty glance at the ground after an interaction with her newly elected husband.