More drama in the sky as Irish flight attendant hassles passenger

Video has emerged of a flight attendant demanding a passenger open his bag on a Ryanair flight.

Fellow passengers can be seen whipping their phones out expecting another potential United Airlines gaffe but are instead welcomed by the tune of an accordion that was stashed in the man's bag.

The unidentified passenger is reluctant to show the attendant what is in his bag - thinking he could be in trouble.

The attendant then appears to criticize the man for bringing an accordion onto the plane, which causes some confusion between the Irish flight attendant and passenger who appeared to be French.

"So you brought a squeezebox on an Irish aircraft?" the flight attendant said.

"And you're not playing it? Why are you not playing it?"

Despite the calm approach by the flight attendant it takes some translating from other passengers to explain to the French man they want him to bust out a song and that he was not in trouble.

Accordingly, the passenger obliged sending the cabin into a mile-high song and dance during their flight which was met with a round of applause at the end.

The video posted to LADbible's Facebook page has since been viewed more than five million times and been shared nearly 20,000 times in less than 24 hours.