Mother-of-10 who went blind after childbirth sues hospital

A Perth mother-of-10 has been left blind after a difficult birth - and her lawyer says the hospital is to blame.

Mii Teuru-Bates gave birth to daughter Ritia at Rockingham General Hospital in Perth in March 2013. After two weeks with her newborn, she was blind.

The birth was difficult and a piece of placenta was left behind after the birth, leading to an infection.

Ten days after the birth, she was rushed back to hospital by ambulance with a fever, unable to walk, with severe hip pain. 

The hospital gave her a tentative diagnosis of sciatica - back pain. The next day they sent her back home with painkillers and a walking frame. 

A few days later, Ms Teuru-Bates experienced vision loss and a rash, and was readmitted to hospital. She was transferred to Sir Gairdner Hospital, where doctors found she had septicaemia, which had lead to organ failure and permanent blindness in both eyes. 

Some of her placenta had been left inside her womb, causing an infection.

Little Ritia is now four years old, but her mother hasn't seen her since she was a newborn.

Mii with daughter Ritia (7 News / supplied)
Mii with her daughter Ritia (7 News)

Ms Teuru-Bates told The West Australian she has struggled to bond with Ritia.

"The most heartbreaking part is that I only saw my daughter's face for a few days after the birth. She's now four, but the only images I have of her are as a baby in my arms."

Ms Teuru-Bates' husband Turoa left work to become her full-timer carer. The older children, aged four to 19, help out with the cleaning, shopping and cooking.

Mii with her husband Turoa (7 News)
Mii with her husband Turoa (7 News)

A hospital spokeswoman would not comment on the case when approached by The West Australian.