Paris mayor calls for black feminist festival to be banned

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo (Reuters / file)
Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo (Reuters / file)

A black feminist festival in Paris is under fire from the city's mayor, who's calling for it to be banned.

Nyansapo Festival is set to run at the end of July and has billed itself as an event "rooted in black feminism, activisms and on [a] European scale".

Its venue has been split into three sections. Eighty percent is reserved for black women, 10 percent for black people of any gender, with the remaining 10 percent open for everyone, according to its website.

But Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo is criticising it as "discrimination" and says it should be banned.

"I firmly condemn the organisation of this event 'forbidden to whites'," she wrote on Twitter.

Ms Hidalgo said she reserved the right "to prosecute the organisers for discrimination".

The organisers have defended themselves in a statement, saying they've been targeted in a "campaign of disinformation and fake news orchestrated by the extreme right".

"La Générale is historically a place of feminist and anti-racist debates, not a place of ideologies," they said.

"We also note that when the issue of race is not mentioned, feminist 'women-to-women' discussion groups have never been a problem for many."

The festival is due to run from July 28 to 30.