Enormous sea creature discovered in Indonesia

  • 12/05/2017
Indonesia, Squid
The creature washed up on the shore of an Indonesian island (Abhy Hafik/Facebook)

A giant "squid-like" creature has washed up on the coast of an Indonesia island leaving locals baffled.

Photos posted to Facebook by Abhy Hafik shows the huge carcass floating in shallow water off near the village of Hulung.

According to the Jakarta Globe, the animal has been identified as a squid and is believed to have been dead for more than three days before it was spotted.

Indonesia, Squid
The carcass is now decomposing which has angered locals (Abhy Hafik/Facebook)

Despite the fascination around the remains, residents have asked the authorities to remove the carcass because it is already starting to decompose.

In February this year, locals on a beach in the Philippines came across a mysterious hairy creature that was thought to have risen to the surface after earthquakes in the region.

Local scientists at the time came out saying it was the remains of a six-metre-long whale that was killed after being hit by a ship.

Mysterious sightings have also been seen near New Zealand.

In 1977 a Japanese trawler caught a unknown creature while fishing off the coast of Christchurch. 

However after the catch the captain decided to ditch the unknown beast because he did not want it spoiling the other fish.

Some people believed the remains were a marine dinosaur called a plesiosaurs, despite the creature living in the Mesozoic era more than 65 million years ago.

An analysis of the images concluded that the find was actually the remains of a basking shark.