Pit bull on death row now Ohio's newest police dog

(Facebook / Union County Humane Society)
(Facebook / Union County Humane Society)

A pit bull that faced being euthanised is now the newest member of Ohio's police unit.

Leonard is Ohio's first put bull K-9 and will be used to sniff out drugs, local television news station WCMH reports.

He was rescued by an adoption group in Marysville, but because of his "high ball drive", he was deemed unfit for adoption. That's when Storm Dog Tactical, the police dog training unit, stepped in.

"That is what we are looking for is that dog that has that high drive, but they are able to mentally focus and concentrate on the tasks we are asking them to do," said Storm Dog Tactical director of training Krishea Osborne.

Leonard is being trained only to search for narcotics, and is not meant for aggression or apprehension of suspects.

Clay Township Police Chief Terry Mitchell is Leonard's handler, and they'll finish their training together this week.