Pizza man makes delivery to stranded train

  • 15/05/2017

A pizza man is being hailed a hero on social media after he went above and beyond to help feed hungry passengers on a train stranded between Washington and New York.

A video posted to Twitter shows the pizza man walking along the tracks near a creek with a bag full of pizza while the train was stuck "somewhere" in Delaware on Sunday afternoon (local time).

After some were given free chocolate bars from the café car on the train, passengers had to resort to their own entertainment and food prompting someone to put an order in for the train.

One person tweeted saying some mothers who had champagne as a gift from Mother's Day began sharing with the train.

Many of the passengers took the light-hearted approach to being stuck for more than three hours until a replacement train was sent to the scene.

Passengers also passed time providing commentary on Twitter during the long wait, starting a hashtag trend #Amtrak.