Quick-thinking, fast-driving nurse saves Ariana Grande fans

A nurse who raced from Manchester Arena to hospital at 160km/h will have all her speeding tickets waived, after her actions saved the life of a young Ariana Grande fan and her father.

Lianna Shutt, a former nurse, found the pair outside the gig, reports the Daily Mail. The man, Gary, had severe injuries and was bleeding profusely, while his 11-year-old daughter had shrapnel wounds from last week's blast, which killed 22 innocent people.

"I thought it was a nail bomb just because of the nails and screws in his wounds," Ms Shutt told the paper.

She bundled her family into a taxi, and asked police if it was okay to drive Gary and his daughter to the hospital herself, to ease the load on ambulance services. They said yes, and she took off.

"I drove at 100 miles an hour to get them to hospital and I was weaving in and out of cars. The police have told me they will cancel all my speeding tickets as it was a matter of life and death to get him there as quickly as possible."

Surgeons at North Manchester Hospital said she got there before ambulances did. Gary told her she had saved his life. She said Gary was just as much a hero, saving his daughter's life by shielding her from the blast.

Ms Shutt's own daughter was already in hospital, suffering from a sepsis infection. She only got permission to leave hospital to go to the concert two hours beforehand.

"She has been in hospital for nine weeks. The doctors knew if she didn't go she would be heartbroken," Ms Shutt told the Mail.

"She has rheumatoid arthritis and was in hospital for a planned visit but then got sepsis. It was life-threatening."

Several people have been arrested following the blast, which happened after Grande had finished performing.