Raid on accused child predator reveals sickening set-up

Warning: This story contains disturbing content

Police have uncovered despicable contents inside the home of an accused child predator.

David Timothy Deakin, 53, was arrested in the Philippines upon discovery of potentially the largest collection of illegal digital content in the country.

Authorities shared video from his arrest, showing the American man covered in sweat with his hands tied behind his back as they searched his room.

They found children's clothing, toddlers' shoes and webcams along with other illicit material. Images and videos were found on hard drives, ready to sell.

"You know what you've done in this room," an investigator can be heard telling Deakin, showing him photos of several children.

While first denying any wrongdoing, he then said one of the children pictured was probably a few doors down with her cousin.

Shortly after two girls were rescued by police.

Deakin has been charged with cybercrime, child pornography, child abuse and child trafficking.

The FBI and United Nations say it's a growing problem, and at any given time, 750,000 child predators are online.