Russian man fails to get snakes on a plane

Some of the deadly animals authorities found (NVWA)
Some of the deadly animals authorities found (NVWA)

A Russian man has been caught hiding dozens of venomous animals and insects in a backpack.

He was arrested at Amsterdam Airport on Tuesday (local time), suspected of smuggling live snakes, cockroaches, frogs and lizards, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) said.

All the creatures were in stuffed in a backpack - including 26 venomous pit vipers, 33 cockroaches, 11 lizards and 16 frogs. Some were in plastic containers.

All the snakes and 10 of the frogs are capable of killing humans, said NVWA. The lizards were a rare type only found in Brazil.

"The man has seriously harmed the animals by stuffing them into these plastic buckets, therefore a charge of cruelty to animals has been opened." NVWA said.

All the animals have been seized and are being cared for at an animal shelter. It's not clear if that includes the cockroaches.