SAS sniper hits target from 2.4 kilometres in Iraq

Iraq, War, Sniper, ISIS
The sniper hit his target, an IS terrorist, from 2.4 kilometres away (Getty)

A British SAS soldier has killed an Islamic State (IS) terrorist using the world's most powerful rifle at an estimated 2.4km away.

According to the Daily Mail, the soldier's shot took three second to reach his target, hitting the IS terrorist in the throat and killing him.

The weapon used was a CheyTac M200 Intervention gun which costs as much as NZ$20,000 and has the capability to vaporise a person's organs on impact.

Iraq, War, Sniper, ISIS
The rifle used by the SAS sniper (

The incident occured two weeks ago in Mosul in northern Iraq.

It's reported the terrorist was leaving a building when the SAS gunman opened fire, recording one of the longest ranged shots in history.

The terrorist was also a sniper who shot at other soldiers before he was killed.

The shot is more than 500m further than the longest recorded shot - that of decorated United States Navy SEAL veteran Chris Kyle. He killed more than 150 enemies in his military career including a shot that hit a target more than 1,900m away in Baghdad in 2008.