Schapelle Corby a free woman, back in Australia

Schapelle Corby, perhaps the world's most famous drug smuggler, is back on Australian soil.

The 39-year-old arrived in Brisbane on a Malindo Air flight, landing at 5:09am (local time) on Sunday morning.

She managed to avoid the media back in Bali, posting images of a boarding pass to social media suggesting she was on a Virgin flight. She actually got on a slightly earlier flight on a completely different airline.

More than 40 journalists and photographers that had seats on the Virgin plane were left without a scoop.

Ms Corby's sister Mercedes was on the flight with her, and they were quietly whisked away into a convoy of black vans, other passengers having to wait until the drama was over before disembarking.

The pair left the airport soon afterwards, believed to be heading to their mother's house in Loganlea, a suburb in the city's south.

A member of her security team in Bali read a statement on behalf of the family, asking for privacy but also thanking supporters.

"To all those in Australia and to all of those in Bali, who were there throughout the difficult journey, your support has not gone unnoticed," the statement said.

"To each and every one of you, you are appreciated."

The family said the focus was now on helping Ms Corby adjust to life back in Australia.

"The priority of our focus will now be on healing and moving forward... In the spirit of humility and in the spirit of dignity, we ask all parties to show respect for the family's privacy during this time."

Nine years behind bars

Ms Corby was convicted of smuggling 4.2kg of cannabis into Bali in 2005. She was released on parole in 2014, which ended on Saturday.

She has been banned from going back to Indonesia for six months.

Shortly before leaving Indonesia, she set up an account on Instagram, posting photos of her "Bali family", her dogs and a shot from inside the plane.

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