Tai Chi 'master' challenges MMA fighter, gets knocked out instantly

A Chinese MMA fighter who claimed Tai Chi was a scam has won a fight with a man who claims to have invented an offshoot of the martial art - knocking him out in less than 10 seconds.

Xu Xiaodong, a retired mixed martial arts fighter who now coaches MMA, gloated on social media that his own fighting style was far superior to Tai Chi, which he claimed was not a legitimate fighting style.

Mr Xu is known for his derogatory views on the traditional forms of martial arts - a trend that has earned him the pseudonym 'The Mad Man'.

However Wei Lei, who claimed to have conceived the 'thunder-style' version of Tai Chi, appeared to take offence to that claim - and he sent Mr Xu an angry response that included a challenge to take him on in a fight.

That all took place about six months ago - and on April 27, the fight between Mr Xu and Mr Wei finally took place at a martial arts club in front of about 100 people in southeast China.

However it ultimately turned out not to be much of a fight at all - with Mr Xu coming out with an immediate flurry of punches that knocked Mr Wei to the ground in a matter of seconds. Mr Xu then jumped on top of his challenger to finish the contest off.

That appeared to prove Mr Xu's point that Tai Chi couldn't stand up to more modern fighting styles - but Mr Wei refused to accept that and defended his performance.

"He didn't hit me when I was standing. I only got hit when I fell on the floor, and I didn't get hurt," he told local media.