Terminally ill US woman marries with days to live

Matthew and Ronda Mager married
Matthew and Ronda in 2016 (Facebook)

A US woman with terminal cancer and her high school sweetheart have gotten married, expecting they'll only have a few days together.

Tennessee couple Ronda Bivens and Matthew Mager shared their vows at a friend's home, where Ronda is receiving hospice care.

They've been together since they met as teenagers, and have two children aged four and six.

The family's lives took a tragic turn though in May 2016 when Ronda was diagnosed with epithelioid sarcoma - a rare form of cancer - in her ankle, and doctors ordered her leg be amputated immediately.

"I told her from day one when we first found out she had cancer that I know we always talked about having a big wedding," Matthew told InsideEdition.com.

"I said if anything happens, we will get married somehow, someway."

After the amputation they thought they were clear, but by 2017 the cancer had unexpectedly spread through Ronda's body and into her lungs.

Doctors have given her only days to live.

But on May 18, their family and friends got together to give them the big wedding they'd wanted.

"It’s something that we always wanted to do together," Ronda's best friend Amanda Dalton said.

"We'd been talking about it for years. We didn't think it would be inside my house in a small room, but we made it work."

It was a very emotional moment for Matthew, he said.

"My goal was to give her my last name before she passes. It was really emotional. I cried."

"I joke with her and say 'you're not going anywhere now. We are hitched.' I spend most days just holding her hand and talking to her because I may not be able to talk to her tomorrow."

The couple have set up a fundraiser page to cover their medical costs. So far people have donated more than US$17,000.