The moment a gang of angry Ronald McDonalds invade KFC

Ronald McDonald dress-ups
(Rachael Brant / Facebook)

A group of UK men dressed as Ronald McDonald have made their feelings clear over who wins the constant fast food war, as they charged a KFC chanting "you're s*** and you know you are". 

In a video uploaded to Facebook on Sunday morning (local time) the gang of seven clowns in a KFC in Hampshire, begin shouting at the rival fast food outlet, while holding up cans of alcohol. 

At one point, a 'Ronald' shouted: 'What do we think of KFC?' to which the rest replied: 'S***.'

Speculation on Facebook was that the gang of merry men may have been heading to a Twickenham rugby match on Saturday morning.

A Ronald McDonald invaded the pitch and sidestepped stewards during the game, The Daily Mail reports. 

The video has been shared over 8000 times.