US-born Muslim told 'I wish they didn't let you in'

A US woman has been filmed unleashing a xenophobic tirade at a Muslim shopper - despite the latter letting the woman in the checkout queue ahead of her.

In footage taken discretely by the Muslim lady at a Trader Joe's in Virginia, she can be heard telling the woman she wished she hadn't let her queue in front of her - to which she responds "I wish they didn't let you in the country".

The Muslim woman, who was wearing a niqab head covering at the time of the incident, then explains that she was born in the US - which seems to take her by surprise.

"Oh, you were? Okay," she says, seemingly unconvinced. "Obama's not in office anymore. We don't have a Muslim in there anymore."

The remark, while offensive, is also nonsensical, as former President Barack Obama has never practiced Islam and is known to be a Protestant Christian - though conspiracy theories abound about him being Muslim.

Nevertheless, the Muslim shopper responds by saying she wishes Mr Obama was still in the White House, rather than current President Donald Trump.

"Well, he's gone. He may be in jail too in the future," she said.

That sets the Muslim woman off, and her next comment she makes is filled with aggression.

"You look a little crazy, maybe you need to get some help," she said, to which the woman says she's fine - but the Muslim lady filming is having none of it, and rips into her for her racist remarks.

"No you're not, because you don't just strike up a conversation with people in line talking about stuff like that if you're normal."

 The clip was shared on social media and has since gone viral. It is not known whether any legal action will be taken against the woman for her comments.